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Ice Fishing

It’s been a few years now that we stock a few of our lakes of speckle trout, such as the Mud and the Normand Lake. This summer, with great success, we permitted fishing on those Lakes and have seen very nice catches!

With great determination on our side, the Ministry of natural resources has given Squaw Lake Outfitter a fishing permit, allowing winter ice fishing on the Normand Lake. It is with great pleasure that we are offering our customers the possibility to fish with us this winter. Temperature permitting, winter fishing season should be from mid-January until the end of March.

At your convenience, we have only 3 winter-ready cabins furnished with all the necessary equipment.

Please, reserve quickly!

Moreover, ice fishing gear is included, as well as the transport to and from Normand Lake, a heated ice house, fishing gear and more. So whether you are equipped or not, come see us. We also offer with an extra supplement guided trapping expeditions with Martin.




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