Hunt on our exclusive territory and take advantage of our special early season opening that is two weeks before the regular Quebec season. We offer guided hunts for those that want to improve their chances of success. A double stand is available so you can hunt with your son, daughter or a first time hunter. A few years ago our territory was select-cut logged by the government. This resulted in providing much new green growth that is very favourable and attractive to the moose and deer as well as creating natural shooting lanes and openings for sighting game.

P.S. Possibility of 1 doe tag per group.

P.S. Possibility of exclusivity of territory if more than a party of 4 hunters.

Baited Bear Hunt (see spy point)

Exclusive: all Zone 10 *  Also offering Fall bear hunts

Squaw Lake Outfitter is pleased to offer baited bear hunts in Quebec hunting zone 10. Zone 10 has one of the highest black bear densities of all Quebec hunting zones. As a result it has enjoyed a full unrestricted spring season for many years. Recently, due to the continued increase in bear numbers, Quebec 's Ministry of Wildlife and Parks has established a fall bear season as well. As a result, it is now possible for a hunter to harvest two bears per year, one bear maximum being harvested in each of the two seasons.

In addition to hunting crown land, we have obtained private land owner rights to hunt highly productive fall crop land close by. We view our spring bait sites on a daily basis to be sure of the bear activity, this insures that you are hunting an active bait. We offer very flexible hunt dates to suite your needs and schedule. Let us know when you can hunt and we'll try to work things out to your benefit. A guide service is provided and your trophy will be skinned for a small additional fee.

* Hunting license sold on-site.

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2019 Season Dates - Zone 10


Bow, Crossbow

September 21 to October 4

Rifle, Bow, Crossbow

October 18 to November 17

Muzzle Loader

October 26 to November 30


Spring Hunt

Gun, Archery, Crossbow and Muzzle Loader

May 15 to June 20

Fall Hunt

Bow, Cross Bow

September 21 to October 4

Rifle, Bow and Muzzle Loader

November 2 to November 17

Muzzle Loader

October 26 to October 30

Small Game

September 14 to November 17

Wild Turkey

April 26 to May 17


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